BeepBot & Glimesh

artdude543 - 03-06-2021

Hello, I’m the lead developer of BeepBot and I just wanted to give you all an overview of what we support on Glimesh and why you currently cannot log-in via your Glimesh account.

What’s Glimesh?

Glimesh is a new and upcoming streaming platform that is built by the community, for the community. It still has a long way to go, but the concept behind the platform is something we believe in as a company to bring tools to the community. It’s using the familiar FTL protocol so you can have super-low latency streams! Remember we had that with Mixer?

Now, we’re fully aware that Twitch offers low latency, finally, but this isn’t a “who’s better than who”. This blog post is to potentially answer any budding questions you have about BeepBot.

Be sure to check out Glimesh by heading this way after reading!

What’s BeepBot?

BeepBot is a multiplatform cloud-based bot which can handle most of the things you need to run your stream. From commands and quotes, our brand-new currency system, our expansive IFTBT system is designed to handle your events, to our automation tools. We listen to the community a lot to find out what they would love to see in a bot. You can check out BeepBot for yourself here.

So, what can we do with Glimesh? At current, you can have the following work on Glimesh.

  • Custom Commands
  • Quotes
  • Timers (Scheduled Messages)
  • Currency (Fully customizable) This also includes some games.
  • Managers to add to your account to help manage your channel.
  • IFTBT (If This Beep That) Event system for Follows, Command Usage, etc.

What’s missing?

Due to the Glimesh API still maturing the following features are not available.

  • Subscriber Alerts
  • Hosting (As this is not a feature of the site at current)
  • As the Glimesh API matures more, we’ll keep on adding features to match what’s on offer for Twitch.

    So why can’t I log-in with Glimesh?

    At the time of writing and when Glimesh launched to the public, the authentication process for OAuth (which is used to gain access to your account without the need for passwords) does not provide the account email address. The email is important for our authentication system to use for any account issues which arise. Other providers we interface with have this as part of the specification.

    Unfortunately, without the email address being provided, we are unable to offer the “log-in” process to BeepBot. So, for the time being, user(s) are asked to use their Twitch accounts to log-in to sign-up then simply link their Glimesh account in the Profile section. When the API is updated to return the missing information, we will update our systems to then allow the log-in purely with Glimesh.

    We understand that some will dislike this process, but to get the full offerings of BeepBot (and also keep to our security process) the information is important to reach out to any user account(s) which could be affected by bugs/breaches/etc.

    In Conclusion

    Hopefully, this answers the questions of what’s on offer and the stickler of the log-in process. We do, however, hope you enjoy using BeepBot for current and future features.

    If you still have some questions, we’d more than happy to answer them in our Discord.