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Who we are

Nydardoric is a group of developers, great minds, and innovators. We pride ourselves on our 110% effort and always innovative approach to our development.

Our core principle is to ensure that we deliver on our promises to our clients and surpass any of the expectations set for us. We are passionate about our projects and work hard to achieve them.

beepbot story

Making a better chatbot for multiplatform streamers

BeepBot has started as an in-house fun project that grew to be a passion project turned business.


What we believe

is key

We don't just create a one size fits all solution. We customize our tech end delivery to meet our client's needs.


Speed is essential when you want to beat your competitors to the market. We consider deadlines as set in stone and never deviate from them.


Nydardoric uses the cutting edge in tech to deliver enterprise-grade solutions. We don't believe in "good enough."

Iteration makes
better products

There is a belief in the industry that everything is perfect the first time. Once we release a product, we monitor its performance to gain insight and improve it in iterations.

Your brand is
our brand

Your customers interact with you through our solutions; this is your first touchpoint. Our evidence-driven design approach produces brand-aligned experiences.

Our Clients and Partners praise us



Multi-channel Moderator - Twitch Channel

As a moderator, Beepbot is a lifesaving device. I can not tell you how many times in the past I've noticed a mistake in a streamer's command or timer or what-have-you and wasn't able to do anything about it until after the stream because the streamer was the only one that could edit those things. But with Beepbot I'm able to fix these problems in the streams I moderate on the fly without having to let the streamer know due to their spectacular cloud interface.

10/10 never moderating for someone without this ever again.



Variety Streamer - Twitch channel

I was initially restreaming to multiple channels live at the same time when I hopped on Beepbot. I was a bit nervous to be leaving my well-known bots that worked great with multiple platforms (at the same time), but I took the plunge. Beepbot has allowed me to get rid of all of my other bots and it handles restreaming very well! The flexibility, robustness, and excellent support team make this my go-to bot.

Beepbot brings everything I want from a bot, and more.